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Dungeness River, Olympics 2019.04.20
Quinault Loop Trail & Willaby Creek, Olympics 2019.03.30
Ruby Beach to Hoh River, Washington 2019.03.16
Observatory Road - Manastash Ridge, Washington 2019.03.09
Big Four Ice Caves (snow covered), Cascades 2019.02.18
Lizard and Lily Lakes, Chuckanut Mountains 2019.01.26
Fragrance Lake, Chuckanut Mountains 2019.01.12

Upper Big Creek Loop, Olympics 2018.12.30
Palisades, Cascades 2018.12.27
Green Mt. - Gold Creek TH, Washington 2018.12.15
Glacier Lake, Cascades 2018.12.08
Grasshopper Pass, Cascades 2018.10.13
Schaefer Lake, Cascades 2018.10.06
Kelly Butte, Cascades 2018.09.30
Blue Lake, Cascades 2018.09.29
Hidden Lake, Cascades 2018.09.21
Blue Lake via Craggy Peak trail and Basin Camp, Cascades 2018.09.15
Dorothy, Bear and Deer Lakes, Cascades 2018.09.08
Betha May, Granite and Cora Lakes, Cascades 2018.08.31
Hidden Lake Lookout, Cascades 2018.08.12
Dewey Lake - Chinook Pass, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2018.08.09
Crag, Anderson and Dewey Lakes, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2018.08.08
Pipe, Snow and Crag Lakes, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2018.08.07
White Pass, Deer, Sand, Buesch and Pipe Lakes, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2018.08.06
Jug Lake, Cascades 2018.08.04
Tatoosh Ridge (partial), Cascades 2018.07.28
Necklace Valley and Foehn Lakes, Cascades 2018.07.18-21
Bear Creek Mt., Cascades 2018.07.14
Blue Creek Meadow, Mad Lake and (Upper) River, Cascades 2018.07.07-08
Marten Lake, Cascades 2018.07.04
McClellan Butte, Cascades 2018.06.24
Little Si, Cascades 2018.06.23
Kirkwood Ranch, Snake River, Hell's Canyon, Idaho 2018.06.14-15
Miller Peak, Cascades 2018.06.09
(Upper) Dungness River and Camp Handy, Olympics 2018.06.02-03
Barnes Creek and Marymere Falls, Olympics 2018.05.28
Greenwater and Lost Lakes, Cascades 2018.05.26-27
Lewis River, Cascades 2018.05.19-20
Lower Greenwater Lake, Cascades 2018.05.13
Wynoochee Lake (east shore), Olympics 2018.05.12
Suiattle River, Cascades 2018.05.05-06
Hamilton Mt., Rodney and Hardy Falls, Columbia River Gorge 2018.04.21
Pratt River Trail, Cascades 2018.03.31
Saddle Mt., Oregon 2018.03.12
Crescent Beach, Ecola State Park, Oregon 2018.03.11
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, Cascades 2018.02.24
(Upper) Granite Lake, Cascades 2018.02.19
Cape Horn (upper section) 2018.02.10
Baldy Mt., Washington 2018.01.20
Horseshoe Bend, Cascades 2018.01.13
Salmon Ridge Sno-Park: Road 3071 to Barometer Creek, Cascades 2018.01.13
Umtanum Falls 2018.01.06
Manastash Ridge 2018.01.06

Umtanum Ridge 2017.12.30
Mailbox Peak, Cascades 2017.12.09
(Upper) Ashland Lake, Cascades 2017.11.18
Beckler Peak, Cascades 2017.10.28
Skyline Lake, Cascades 2017.10.14
Mt. McCausland, Cascades 2017.10.05
Estes Butte, Cascades 2017.09.30
Valhalla Lake via PCT, Cascades 2017.09.28
Virgin and Blanca Lakes, Cascades 2017.09.24
Mt. St. Helens, Cascades 2017.09.15
Satsop Lake via Church Creek, Olympics 2017.09.10
Mason Lake and Rainbow Tarn, Cascades 2017.08.26
Lake West, Cascades 2017.08.20
Mason Lake and Mt. Deception, Cascades 2017.08.19
Grasshopper Ridge, Cascades 2017.08.15
Goat Peak Lookout, Cascades 2017.08.14
Patterson Mt., Cascades 2017.08.13
Twin Sisters and Snow Lakes, Cascades 2017.07.29-30
High Rock Lookout, Cascades 2017.07.23
Rock Mt. via Snowy Creek, Cascades 2017.07.22
Twin Sister Lake, Mt. Tumac, Cascades 2017.07.15
Twin Sister, Round, and Blakenship Lakes, Cascades 2017.07.08
Mt. Townsend, Olympics 2017.06.24
Tiffany Lake, Cascades 2017.06.17
South Lost Lake, Cascades 2017.06.10
Talapus Lake, Cascades 2017.06.04
Goat Lake, Cascades 2017.06.03
Skookum Flats, Cascades 2017.05.29
Greenwater Lakes, Cascades 2017.05.28
Jefferson Ridge, Olympics 2017.05.27
Dungeness River, Olympics 2017.05.20
(Lower) Greenwater Lake, Cascades 2017.05.06
Icicle Ridge, Cascades 2017.04.29
Wolf Tree Trail to Burma Road to Summit Trail to Mesa Verde Trail to River Trail, Smith Rock and Crooked River, Oregon 2017.03.22
Tam-a-lau Trail, Cove Palisades State Park, Oregon 2017.03.20
Deschutes River Trail (upstream of 7th Mountain Inn), Bend, Oregon 2017.03.19
River Trail to Mesa Verde Trail to Misery Ridge Trail, Smith Rock and Crooked River, Oregon 2017.03.19
Deschutes River Trail (downstream of 7th Mountain Inn), Bend, Oregon 2017.03.18
Pilot Butte, Bend, Oregon 2017.03.18
Rim Trail, Mud Mt.Dam 2017.02.12
Dry Creek, Olypmics 2017.02.11
Cape Horn, Washington 2017.01.28

Granite Creek, Cascades 2016.11.26
Skyline Lake, Cascades 2016.11.19
Bootjack Mt., Cascades 2016.10.01
Bearhead Mt., Cascades 2016.09.25
Twin Sisters Lakes and Tumac Mt., Cascades 2016.09.24
Ice Lakes, Oregon 2016.09.07-09
Titus Lake, Idaho 2016.09.04
Deer and Sand Lakes, Cascades 2016.08.28
Grace and Upper Florence Lakes, Mary, Frosty and Ladies Passes, Cascades 2016.08.18-20
Crater Lakes, Cascades 2016.08.13-14
(Upper) Eagle Lake, Cascades 2016.08.06-07
Mt. Aix, Cascades 2016.07.31
Lemi, Junction, Blue, Tombstone and Sahalee Tyee Lakes, Cascades 2016.07.16-17
Beverly Turnpike, Fourth Creek, Hardscrabble Creek, Volcanic Neck, Cascades 2016.07.09
Middle and Upper Falls, Lewis River, Cascades 2016.07.04
Headwaters Basin of South Fork Tieton and Surprise Lake, Cascades 2016.07.01-02
Cottonwood and Mirror Lakes, Cascades 2016.06.26
Davis Peak, Cascades 2016.06.25
Koppen Mt., Cascades 2016.06.21
Deer Lake, Cascades 2016.06.06
Lower Lewis Falls, Cascades 2016.05.30
Driveway Butte, Cascades 2016.05.28
Hidden Hand, East Bank Ross Lake, Cascades 2016.05.13-15
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2016.05.06-08
Cowiche Mt. West-East and Rocky Top, Washington 2016.04.23
Pratt River Trail, Cascades 2016.04.10
Craigs Creek, Cascades, California 2016.03.26
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, Cascades 2016.03.19
(Lower) Gray Wolf River, Olympics 2016.01.09
Snoquera Falls, Cascades 2016.01.02

Skyline Divide, Cascades 2015.10.24
Bandera Mt., Cascades 2015.10.11
Maple and Heather Passes, Cascades 2015.10.03
Kachess and Beacon Ridges, Cascades 2015.09.27
Glacier View, Cascades 2015.09.26
Long Pond, Perpindicular Tr., Mansell Mt., Great Notch Tr., Cold Brook Tr., Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.07
Beech and Canada Cliffs, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.07
Jordan Pond, North and South Bubbles, Penobscot Mt. and Sargent Mt., Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.06
Dorr Mt. via Ladder Trail, Dorr North Ridge, Kebo Mt., Stratheden Path and Jesup Path, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.05
Bee Hive, the Bowl, Gorham Mt., Otter Cove, Sand Beach and Great Head, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.04
Acadia Peak, Valley Cove, Valley Peak and Saint Sauveur Peak, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.03
Lower Hadlock Pond, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.02
Mt. Eliot via Asticou Terraces, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.02
Hunters Cliff, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.02
Precipice Trail, Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, Maine 2015.09.02
Tamolitch (Blue) Pool, McKenzie River, Cascades, Oregon 2015.08.08
Heliotrope Ridge, Cascades 2015.07.29
Dewey Lakes, Cascades 2015.07.09-11
Basin Lake, Cascades 2015.06.07
Alaska Lake and Gold Creek, Cascades 2015.06.06
Cramer Lake, Cascades 2015.05.30-31
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2015.05.08-10
Dog Mountain, Cascades 2015.04.18
Fourth of July Creek, Cascades 2015.04.04
Yakima Ridge, Washington 2015.03.21
Colonel Bob Peak via Pete's Creek, Olympics 2015.02.28
Umtanum Canyon, Washington 2015.01.10

Striped Peak, Olympics 2014.12.31
Horseshoe Bend, Cascades 2014.12.13
Skookum Flats (upper TH), Cascades 2014.11.30
Indian Beach, Oregon 2014.11.08
Manastash Ridge, Washington 2014.11.02
Excelsior Pass, Cascades 2014.09.27
Shellrock Lake, Cascades 2014.09.20
Frozen Lake, Mt. Rainier, Cascades 2014.09.14
Upper McCall Basin - White Pass, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.05
Knife's Edge - Upper McCall Basin, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.04
Snowgrass Flats - Knife's Edge, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.04
Sheep Lake - Snowgrass Flats, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.04
Eight Ponds - Sheep Lake, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.03
Killen Creek - Eight Ponds, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.02
Spring Meadow - Killen Creek, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.09.01
Trout Lake Creek - Spring Meadow, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.08.31
Spur Road 221 (Road 24) - Trout Lake Creek, Pacific Crest Trail, Cascades 2014.08.30
Swamp and Cougar Lakes, Cascades 2014.08.23-24
Conrad Meadows and Surprise Lake, Cascades 2014.08.15-17
Thomas, Heather and Eunice Lakes, Cascades 2014.08.01
Sheep Lake and Sourdough Gap, Cascades 2014.07.25-27
Mt. Beljica and Lake Christine, Cascades 2014.07.17
Louis Lake, Cascades 2014.07.04-06
Teeley Creek, Pothole, Bertha May and Granite Lakes, Cascades 2014.06.21
Baldy Mt.(false summit), Cascades 2014.06.14
Lewis River, Cascades 2014.06.06-08
(Lower) Siouxon Creek, Cascades 2014.05.30-06.01
(Upper) Siouxon Creek and Horseshoe Ridge, Cascades 2014.05.23-25
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2014.05.09-11
Ke-awa-iki and Pueo Bays, Hawaii Island 2014.04.02
Pololu Point, Hawaii Island 2014.04.01
Green Sand Beach, Hawaii Island 2014.03.31
Holei Sea Arch and Chain of Craters Road Closure, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island 2014.03.28
Steaming Bluff, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Island 2014.03.28
Hardy Ridge, Cascades 2014.03.22
Chest Pains, Westberg Trails, Washington 2014.03.16
Franklin Falls, Cascades 2014.02.16
Skookum Flats, Cascades 2014.02.01
East Crossing way trail (decommissioned FS2860), Olympics 2014.01.26

Ridge over Yakima Canyon, Washington 2013.12.28
Umtanum Ridge, Washington 2013.12.21
Curly Creek Falls and Miller Falls, Lewis River, Cascades 2013.12.14
Dalles River, Cascades 2013.11.24
Summit Lake, Cascades 2013.10.26
Spider Meadow, Cascades 2013.10.15
Summit Lake (partial), Cascades 2013.10.13
Black Lake - Lake Creek TH, Pasayten, Cascades 2013.09.13
Spotted Creek - Fawn Lake - Ashnola Pass - Black Lake, Pasayten, Cascades 2013.09.12
Ramon Lake - Ashnola River, Pasayten, Cascades 2013.09.11
Corral Lake - Peeve Pass - Park Pass - Ramon Lake, Pasayten, Cascades 2013.09.10
Three Fools Pass - Larch Pass - Corral Lake, Pasayten, Cascades 2013.09.09
Billy Goat TH - Billy Goat Pass - Three Fools Pass, Pasayten, Cascades 2013.09.08
Entiat Glacier and River, Cascades 2013.08.31-09.02
Summit Lake, Cascades 2013.08.25
Sheep Lake (#98), Cascades 2013.08.17
Timberline/Pacific Crest Trail, Mt. Hood, Cascades 2013.08.11
Timberline/Pacific Crest Trail, Mt. Hood, Cascades 2013.08.10
Sauk River (South Fork), Cascades 2013.08.04
Libby Lake, Cascades 2013.07.27-28
Ape Caves, Mt. St. Helens, Cascades 2013.07.22
Mt. Pilchuck, Cascades 2013.07.20
Sheep Lake (#2000), Cascades 2013.07.07
Crater Lakes, Cascades 2013.07.05-06
Upper Eagle Lake, Cascades 2013.06.29-30
Enchanted Valley, Olympics 2013.05.30-06.02
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2013.05.10-12
North Lost Lake, Chuckanut Mountains, Cascades 2013.05.04
Mad River, Cascades 2013.04.26-27
Ferry Springs Loop, Deschutes River, Oregon 2013.04.20
Warrior Rock Lighthouse, Sauvie Island, Oregon 2013.03.23
Hamilton Mt., Cascades 2013.03.09
Robe Valley, Cascades 2013.02.18
Hoh Rainforest and Hoh River, Olympics 2013.02.16
Boetzke Creek, John Wayne Pioneer Trail, Cascades 2013.02.03
Dog Mt., Cascades 2013.02.02
Gillette Lake, Cascades 2013.01.12
Pratt River, Cascades 2013.01.05

Lava Beds National Monument, California 2012.12.28
Otter Falls, Cascades 2012.12.09
Moulton Falls Park, East Fork Lewis River, Cascades 2012.11.25
Spider Lake, Olympics 2012.11.10
Sunrise Lake and Merchant Basin, Cascades 2012.10.06-07
Horse Thief Basin, Cascades 2012.09.29-30
Pacific Crest Trail, Hope Lake - Stevens Pass, Cascades 2012.09.15
Pacific Crest Trail, Deception Lakes - Hope Lake, Cascades 2012.09.14
Pacific Crest Trail, Peggy's Pond - Deception Lakes, Cascades 2012.09.13
Pacific Crest Trail, Waptus Lake - Peggy's Pond, Cascades 2012.09.12
Pacific Crest Trail, Summit Chief - Waptus Lake, Cascades 2012.09.11
Pacific Crest Trail, Chikamin Ridge - Summit Chief, Cascades 2012.09.10
Pacific Crest Trail, Ridge Lake - Chikamin Ridge, Cascades 2012.09.09
Pacific Crest Trail, Snoqualmie Pass - Ridge Lake, Cascades 2012.09.08
Heliotrope Ridge, Mt. Baker, Cascades 2012.09.03
West Fork Trail to Pacific Crest Trail, Sheep Lake, Cascades 2012.09.01
Ann Lake and Lower Curtis Glacier, Cascades 2012.08.25-26
Myrtle and Larch Lakes, Cascades 2012.08.17-19
Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm, Cascades 2012.08.15
Snowgrass Mountain meadows, Mary and Margaret Lakes, Cascades 2012.08.10-12
Packwood, Mosquito and Lost Lakes, Cascades 2012.08.02-05
West Fork Foss River, Trout, Copper, Little Heart and Big Heart Lakes, Cascades 2012.07.27-29
Mt. Beljica and Lake Christine, Cascades 2012.07.26
Hope Lake via Tunnel Creek, Cascades 2012.07.22
Nason Ridge via Rock Mt., Cascades 2012.07.21
Shi Shi Beach and Point of Arches, Washington 2012.07.14
Hoh River to Blue Glacier, Mt. Olympus, Olympics 2012.07.05-08
Promontory above Lily Lake, Cascades 2012.07.04
Siouxon Creek, Cascades 2012.06.29-30
Old Railbed Trail, Deschutes River, Oregon 2012.06.23-24
Estes Butte (partial), Cascades 2012.06.13
Lower Mad River, Cascades 2012.06.08-10
John Wayne Pioneer Trail - Easton, Washington 2012.06.02
Black Lake, Cascades 2012.05.19-20
South Coldwater Trail, Mt. St. Helens, Cascades 2012.05.18
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2012.05.11-13
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, Gateway Bridge to Wildcat Creek, Cascades 2012.05.05-06
Tunnel Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon Cascades 2012.04.20-22
Dry Creek Falls, Cascades 2012.04.14
Fragrance Lake, Chuckanut Mountains 2012.04.07
Park Avenue, Arches National Park 2012.03.25
Druid Arch, Needles, Canyonlands National Park 2012.03.24
Grand View Point, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park 2012.03.23
Whale Rock, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park 2012.03.23
Little Aztec Butte, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park 2012.03.23
Mesa Arch, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park 2012.03.23
Lathrop Canyon Rim and Shelf, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park 2012.03.23
Little Wild Horse and Bell Canyons, Utah 2012.03.22
Wolfe Ranch and Delicate Arch, Arches National Park 2012.03.21
Double and Windows Arches, Arches National Park 2012.03.21
Skyline, Broken and Sand Dune Arches, Arches National Park 2012.03.21
Devil's Garden and Dark Angel Loop, Arches National Park 2012.03.21
Yakima Skyline Ridge/Rim, Washington 2012.03.18
Denny Creek, Cascades 2012.03.17
East Ridge, Pine Canyon, Washington 2012.03.11
Kalaloch Beach 3-4, Washington 2012.03.04
Kalaloch Beach 2, Washington 2012.03.04
Umtanum Canyon, Washington 2012.02.19
Heybrook Lookout, Cascades 2012.02.17
Lake Serene, Cascades 2012.02.12
Paradise, Mt. Rainier 2012.02.05
Pine and Cedar Lakes, Cascades 2012.02.04
Deschutes River / Ferry Springs Loop, Oregon 2012.01.28
White Pass, Cascades 2012.01.21
Crab Creek Wilderness, Saddle Mountains 2012.01.07

Dry Creek, Cascades 2011.12.31
Bear Canyon, Cascades 2011.12.29
Cowiche Canyon, Washington 2011.12.28
Snoquera Loop, Cascades 2011.12.18
Lake Dorothy, Cascades 2011.12.17
Horsetail Falls, Triple Falls and Oneonta Gorge, Oregon 2011.12.10
Mud Flat, Cascades 2011.12.04
Cape Horn, Washington 2011.12.03
Buck Creek Trail, Cascades 2011.11.25
Wynoochee Lake (west shore), Olympics 2011.11.19
Fifes Ridge, Cascades 2011.10.29
Twin Peaks, Cascades 2011.10.23
Marion and Clara Lakes, Cascades 2011.10.16
Minotaur Lake, Cascades 2011.10.15
Sheep Lake, Sourdough Gap and Bear Gap, Cascades 2011.10.08
Pear Lake, Cascades 2011.09.24-25
Steamboat Rock, Washington 2011.09.17
Avalanche Lake, Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park 2011.09.10
Piegan Pass, Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park 2011.09.09
Grinell Lake, Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park 2011.09.08
Two Medicine Pass, Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park 2011.09.07
Dawson Pass, Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park 2011.09.06
Scalplock Lookout, Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park 2011.09.05
North Navarre Peak, Cascades 2011.09.03
Naches Loop, Cascades 2011.08.28
Hamilton Butte and Peak, Cascades 2011.08.27
Sunny Pass, Horseshoe Basin, Loudon Lake, Armstrong Mt., Smith Lake and Rock Mt., Cascades 2011.08.20-22
Ice Box Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada 2011.08.14
Lost Creek Falls, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada 2011.08.14
Mouse's Tank, Mojave Desert, Nevada 2011.08.13
Silica Dome, Mojave Desert, Nevada 2011.08.13
White Domes, Mojave Desert, Nevada 2011.08.13
Mary Jane Falls, Spring Mountains, Nevada 2011.08.12
Dirty Face Peak, Cascades 2011.08.07
Shellrock Peak, Cascades 2011.08.06
Crystal Mountain, Cascades 2011.07.31
Crystal Mountain, Cascades 2011.07.30
Swamp Lake, Cascades 2011.07.22-24
Earl Peak via Standup Creek, Cascades 2011.07.17
Boulder Lake, Cascades 2011.07.08-10
Little Crater Trail, Oregon 2011.07.04
Paulina Falls, Oregon 2011.07.03
Paulina Lake, Oregon 2011.07.01
Twin Lakes, Cascades 2011.06.24-26
Frenchman Coulee, Washington 2011.06.11
Thunder Creek, Cascades 2011.06.03-05
Frenchman Coulee, Washington 2011.05.29
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2011.05.20-22
Coldwater Lake, Mt. St. Helens 2011.05.18
Swakane Canyon, Washington 2011.05.07
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, Cascades 2011.04.30
Columbia River, Washington 2011.04.24
Crab Creek Wilderness, Saddle Mountains 2011.04.23
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2011.03.26
Marten Creek, Cascades 2011.03.19
Denny Creek, Cascades 2011.03.06
Umtanum Creek, Washington 2011.03.05
Lake Twenty-Two, Cascades 2011.02.26
Manastash Canyon, Washington 2011.02.21
Lower Kendall Lake, Cascades 2011.02.20
Mt. Si, Cascades 2011.02.19
Middlefork Snoqualmie River, downstream of Gateway Bridge, Cascades 2011.02.13
Middlefork Snoqualmie River, upstream of Gateway Bridge, Cascades 2011.02.12
Riverside Walk, Zion National Park, Utah 2011.02.06
Observation Point, Zion National Park, Utah 2011.02.06
Kolob Arch, Zion National Park, Utah 2011.02.05
Canyon Overlook, Zion National Park, Utah 2011.02.04
Hidden Canyon, Zion National Park, Utah 2011.02.04
Red Rock Canyon, Nevada 2011.02.01
Umtanum Creek, Washington 2011.01.29
Boulder River, Cascades 2011.01.22
Thurston Lava Tube, Hawaii 2011.01.16
Akaka Falls, Hawaii 2011.01.15
Papakolea (Green Sand) Beach, Hawaii 2011.01.13
Papakolea (Green Sand) Beach, Hawaii 2011.01.10
Puna Coast, Hawaii 2011.01.10
Kalapana Lava Flow, Hawaii 2011.01.08
Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River, Oregon 2011.01.02

Icicle Creek, Cascades 2010.12.26
Taylor River, Cascades 2010.12.11
Norse Peak (partial), Cascades 2010.12.04
Snoquera Falls, Cascades 2010.11.28
Sauk River, Cascades 2010.11.13
Harry's Viewpoint, Mt. St. Helens 2010.10.31
Panhandle Gap and Summerland, Mt. Rainier 2010.10.20
Monte Cristo, Cascades 2010.10.17
Goat Mt., Cascades 2010.10.16
Colchuck Lake, Cascades 2010.10.13
Goat Lake, Cascades 2010.10.02
Mt. Pugh, Cascades 2010.9.30
Mt. Dickerman, Cascades 2010.9.25
Mt. Pugh (partial), Cascades 2010.09.21
Round Lake, Cascades 2010.09.11
Three Fingers Lookout and Goat Flats, Cascades 2010.09.03
Chatter Creek, Cascades 2010.08.22
Silver and Twin Lakes, Cascades 2010.08.19
Spider Gap and Meadows, Cascades 2010.08.05-08
Indigo Lake and Sawtooth Mt., Cascades, Oregon 2010.07.31-08.01
Glacier Basin, Cascades 2010.07.29
Gothic Basin, Cascades 2010.07.23-25
Barnard Saddle, Big Crow Basin, Scout Pass via Norse Peak TH, Cascades 2010.07.17
Boyd Cave, Oregon 2010.07.08
Crooked River and Smith Rock, Oregon 2010.07.07
Deschutes River, Oregon 2010.07.06
Trout and Malachite Lakes, Cascades 2010.07.03
Snider Ridge, Olympics 2010.07.02
Lily Lake and Oyster Dome, Cascades 2010.06.19
Ingalls and Falls Creeks, Cascades 2010.05.29-31
Tronsen Ridge - North End, Cascades 2010.05.23
Truman Trail, Mt. St. Helens, Cascades 2010.05.18
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2010.05.07-09
Iron Horse Trail - Cedar Falls to Apgar, Cascades 2010.05.01
Tunnel Falls, Eagle Creek, Oregon Cascades 2010.04.24-25
Upper Dungeness River, Olympics 2010.04.16-18
Middle Fork, Snoqualmie River, Cascades 2010.04.11
Baker River, Cascades 2010.04.10
Heather Lake, Cascades 2010.04.04
Annette Lake, Cascades 2010.03.20
Boulder River, Cascades 2010.03.07
Oyster Dome, Cascades 2010.03.06
Mt. Si, Cascades 2010.02.28
Mt. Townsend (partial), Olympics 2010.02.21
Mt. Pilchuck (partial), Cascades 2010.02.15
Surprise Creek, Cascades 2010.02.13
Rattlesnake Ledge, Cascades 2010.02.06
Duckabush River, Olympics 2010.01.31
Skookum Flats, Cascades 2010.01.16

Hurricane Hill, Olympics 2009.12.26
Skokomish River, Olympics 2009.12.12
Little Ranger Peak, Cascades 2009.12.05
Teanaway River and Johnson Creek, Cascades 2009.11.28
Gold Creek, Cascades 2009.11.21
Bagby Hot Springs, Cascades 2009.11.14
Melakwa Lakes, Cascades 2009.10.18
Longs Pass, Cascades - rest in peace Scott 2009.10.11
Ingalls Lake, Cascades 2009.10.09-10
Cedar Butte, Cascades 2009.10.03
Granite Peak, Cascades 2009.09.27
Grinnel Glacier, Glacier National Park 2009.09.19
Swiftcurrent Pass Lookout from Many Glaciers, Glacier National Park 2009.09.18
Red Falls, Glacier National Park 2009.09.17
Iceberg Lake, Glacier National Park 2009.09.17
Highline Trail / Garden Wall, Glacier National Park 2009.09.16
Siyeh Bend to Sunrift Gorge, Glacier National Park 2009.09.15
Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park 2009.09.14
Otter Falls, Cascades 2009.09.05
Mt. Beljica and Lake Christine, Cascades 2009.08.24
Kautz Creek, Mt. Rainier 2009.08.23
Paradise, Mt. Rainier 2009.08.22
Appleton Pass, Olympics 2009.08.16
Ingalls Lake, Cascades 2009.08.09
Shoe Lake, Cascades 2009.08.08
Enchantment Lakes, Stuart Range 2009.07.25-28
Frozen Lake, Mt. Rainier 2009.07.22
Goat Ridge, Cascades 2009.07.11
Lake Caroline and Windy Pass, Cascades 2009.07.08
Colchuck Lake - Aasgard Pass, Upper Enchantments, Stuart Range 2009.06.29
Tronsen Ridge, Cascades 2009.06.20
Mt. Finlayson, San Juan Island 2009.06.08
Young Hill, San Juan Island 2009.06.07
Bell Point, San Juan Island 2009.06.07
Loowit Falls, Mt. St. Helens 2009.05.18
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2009.05.08-10
Multnomah Creek, Cascades 2009.04.03
Multnomah Creek, Cascades 2009.03.25
Gray Wolf River, Olympics 2009.03.07
Columbia Gorge, Cascades 2009.02.16
Mailbox Peak, Cascades 2009.02.07
Quinault Loop Trail, Olympics 2009.02.01
Granite Lakes, Cascades 2009.01.25
Hurricane Hill, Olympics 2009.01.24
Franklin Falls, Cascades 2009.01.16
Gold Creek, Cascades 2009.01.10

Denny Creek Campground, Cascades 2008.12.27
Taylor River, Cascades 2008.12.20
Ape Caves, Mt. St. Helens 2008.12.07
Paddy Go Easy Pass, Cascades 2008.12.06
Waimea Canyon, Kauai Hawaii 2008.11.08
Mt. Nounou, Kauai Hawaii 2008.11.07
Na Pali Coast / Kalalau Trail, Kauai Hawaii 2008.10.31-11.03
Red Mt., Cascades 2008.10.18
Mt. Thorp, Cascades 2008.09.27
Park Lakes, Cascades 2008.09.12-14
Berkeley Park, Mt. Rainier 2008.09.06
Gothic Basin, Cascades 2008.08.30
Mt. Beljica and Lake Christine, Cascades 2008.08.17
Burroughs, Mt. Rainier 2008.08.16
Gallagher Head Lake, Cascades 2008.08-10
Merritt Lake, Cascades 2008.08.01-02
Mt. Freemont Lookout, Mt. Rainier 2008.07.26
Alpine Lookout, Nason Ridge, Cascades 2008.07.19
Grand Ridge, Olympics 2008.07.11
Blake Island, Puget Sound 2008.06.28-29
Fourth of July Creek (partial), Cascades 2008.06.22
Yellow Hill, Cascades 2008.06.07
Coldwater Lake, Mt. St. Helens 2008.06.01
Coldwater Lake, Mt. St. Helens 2008.05.18
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2008.05.02-04
Whiskey Dick Mt., Central Washington 2008.04.27
Dungeness Spit and Lighthouse, Strait of Juan de Fuca 2008.04.26
Cooper River, Cascades 2008.03.16
Little Wenatchee River, Cascades 2008.03.02
Annette Lake, Cascades 2008.02.23
Beacon Rock, Columbia River Gorge 2008.02.18
Columbia Gorge, Oregon 2008.02.09
Kautz Creek, Mt. Rainier 2008.02.03
Franklin Falls, Cascades 2008.01.20
Copper Creek Hut, Cascades 2008.01.13-14
Granite Basin Road Trail, Cascades 2008.01.05

Franklin Falls, Cascades 2007.12.29
Coldwater Lake, Mt. St. Helens 2007.11.23
Gallager Head Lake, Cascades 2007.11.03
Gobblers Knob, Mt. Rainier 2007.10.27
Mt. Beljica and Lake Christine, Cascades 2007.10.14
Granite Mt., Cascades 2007.10.13
Mt. Lillian, Cascades 2007.09.23
Bench and Snow Lakes, Mt. Rainier 2007.09.08
Paradise Glacier, Mt. Rainier 2007.09.08
Teanaway Peak, Cascades 2007.08.26
Enchantment Lakes, Cascades 2007.08.12-15
Rampart and Rachel Lakes, Cascades 2007.08.04
Iron Peak, Cascades 2007.07.29
Buckhorn Lake and Pass via Tubal Cain, Olympics 2007.07.14
Skyline Ridge, Mt. Rainier 2007.07.08
Grand Ridge, Olympics 2007.07.07
Grand Ridge, Olympics 2007.06.30
High Rock Lookout, Cascades 2007.06.21
Esmeralda Basin, Cascades 2007.06.13
Mt. Townsend, Olympics 2007.06.02
Mt. Miller and Iron Bear Peak via Iron Bear and Teanaway Ridge, Cascades 2007.05.26
Loowit Falls via Truman trail, Mt. St. Helens 2007.05.18
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2007.05.04-06
Dry Falls, Central Washington 2007.04.28-29
Quartz Creek, Cascades 2007.04.22
Mailbox Peak, Cascades 2007.04.09
Granite Basin, Cascades 2007.03.17
Spruce Railroad, Olympics 2007.03.04
Gold Creek, Cascades 2007.02.10
Denny Creek, Cascades 2007.02.04
Denny Creek, Cascades 2007.02.03
Greenwater Lakes, Cascades 2007.01.21
Hurricane Ridge, Olympics 2007.01.14
Rattlesnake Ledge, Cascades 2007.01.06

Dungeness Spit, Strait of Juan de Fuca 2006.12.31
Lillian and Twin Lakes, Cascades 2006.10.28
Mt. Beljica and Lake Christine, Cascades 2006.10.22
Spirit Lake, Mt. St. Helens, Cascades 2006.10.07
Mt. Alaska, Kendall Katwalk, Gravel, Ridge, Alaska, Edds, and Joe Lakes, Cascades 2006.09.30
Wonderland Trail, Mt. Rainier 2006.09.06-16
Mount Adams South Climb, Cascades 2006.09.02
La Bohn Gap, Williams and Chain Lakes, Cascades 2006.08.19
Royal Basin, Olympics 2006.08.05-07
Ingalls Lake, Cascades 2006.07.30-31
Pete and Spectacle Lakes, Cascades 2006.07.15-17
Navajo Pass/Peak, Cascades 2006.07.08-10
Navajo Pass, Cascades 2006.07.05
Packwood Lake, Cascades 2006.06.24-26
Stuart Lake, Cascades 2006.06.22
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, Cascades 2006.05.13
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2006.04.29-05.01
Middle Fork Snoqualmie River, Cascades 2006.04.23
Kendall Creek, Cascades 2006.04.22
Hurricane Hill, Olympics 2006.03.25
Spruce Railroad, Olympics 2006.03.19
Rialto Beach, Washington 2006.03.18
(Lower) Gray Wolf River, Olympics 2006.03.11
Suntop, Cascades 2006.03.03
(Lower) Gray Wolf River, Olympics 2006.02.18
Deception Pass, Washington 2006.02.06
(Lower) Skokomish River, Olympics 2006.02.05
(Upper) Dungeness River, Olympics 2006.01.16

Rialto Beach, Washington 2005.12.13
Dungeness Spit, Washington 2005.12.12
(Lower) Skokomish River, Olympics 2005.11.15
Esmerelda Basin, Cascades 2005.10.29
Spray Park, Mt. Rainier 2005.10.08
Ptarmigan Ridge, Mt. Baker 2005.09.25
Plains of Abraham, Mt. St. Helens 2005.09.18
Melakwa Lakes, Cascades 2005.09.17
Enchantment Lakes, Cascades 2005.08.28-31
Mildred Lakes, Olympics 2005.08.21-22
John Muir Trail, Yosemite 2005.07.30
Half Dome, Yosemite 2005.07.29
Clouds Rest, Yosemite 2005.07.28
Trail of Mists, Yosemite 2005.07.27
Tuck and Robin Lakes, Cascades 2005.07.16-18
Tuck and Robin Lakes, Cascades 2005.07.01-03
Mt. Adams High Camp, Cascades 2005.06.26
Marmot Pass, Olympics 2005.05.28
Iron Peak, Cascades 2005.05.15
Ingalls Creek, Cascades 2005.05.03-05
Hurricane Ridge, Olympics 2005.03.12
(Upper) Dungeness River, Olympics 2005.04.09
Mt. Ellinor, Olympics 2005.03.15

Mt. Thorp, Cascades 2004.11.05
Enchantment Lakes, Cascades 2004.07.14-17
Melakwa Lakes, Olympics 2004
Paddy Go Easy Pass, Cascades 2004
Mt. Townsend and Silver Lakes, Olympics 2004
Mt. Townsend, Olympics 2004
Bear Gap, Cascades 2004
Ipsut Pass (Partial) 2004
Snoqualmie Lake, Cascades 2004
Ancient Lakes, Washington 2004
Rialto Beach and Hole-in-the-Wall, Washington 2004.04.09-10
Carbon Glacier and Dick Creek Camp, Mt. Rainier National Park 2004
Lower Skokomish River, Olympics 2004.02.01

Quinault Loop Trail, Olmypics 2003
Snow and Gem Lakes, Cascades 2003
Edna Lake, Cascades 2003
Cutthroat Lake, Cascades 2003
Blue Lake, Cascades 2003
Mildred Lakes, Olympics 2003
Ingalls Lake, Cascades 2003.07.25-27
Rampart Ridge, Cascades 2003.07.13-15
Skyline Ridge, Mt. Rainier National Park 2003.07.10
Box Canyon, Mt. Rainier National Park 2003
Annette Lake, Cascades 2003
Mount Pilchuck, Cascades 2003.06.26
John Muir Trail, Yosemite 2003.05.25
Half Dome, Yosemite 2003.05.24
Little Yosemite Valley, Yosemite 2003.05.23
Trail of Mists, Yosemite 2003.05.22
Four Mile Trail, Yosemite 2003.05.20
Constance Lake, Olympics 2003
Otter Falls and Taylor River, Cascades 2003
Dosewalips, Olympics 2003